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  • Modern Methods in Detecting Fraud and Manipulations in Different Financial Transactions

Modern Methods in Detecting Fraud and Manipulations in Different Financial Transactions

Modern Methods in Detecting Fraud and Manipulations in Different Financial Transactions


Modern Methods in Detecting Fraud and Manipulations in Different Financial Transactions

Introduction :

This course is specially introduced to you by the International Academy for Human Resource Development (IAHRD). This course is one of the most extraordinary courses which discusses many interesting topics that will make participants fully understand the process of the legal system of different transactions. This will enable you to detect related issues that will rise up and clearly address them. It will also provide you with practical and scientific methods to permit your identification of the characteristics and advantages such systems specifically in the capital market. In other words will equip you with the needed skills to spot crimes and suspicious activities. Remember we got your back till proficiency!



This course will aid in: 

  1. Providing trainees with a set of skills and scientific methods .
  2. Explaining the  way the legal system for transactions.
  3. Enabling participants to deal with the legal system of transactions in the capital market and how to address it.
  4. Identifying the characteristics and advantages of  the legal system of transactions in the capital market through  practical and scientific methods.
  5. Helping in financial crimes detection  regardless of the different types and methods used to hide it.
  6. Dealing with issues of licensed and non-licensed companies effectively.
  7. Identify suspicious contributions and how to overcome them.
  8. Determine the legal regime of transactions crimes and irregularities in the capital market.


Module 1 : 

  1. Economic and social impacts resulting from crimes of money.
  2. Ways and methods to tackle crimes of money.
  1. Secret accounts and their impact on the market.

Module 2:

  1. Effective stand up to minimize  Crimes Of Money.
  2. Relationships and connections between various crimes.
  3. Dealing with cases of  licensed and non-licensed companies and forms.
  4. Roles of security efforts  in reducing financial crimes .
  5. How to internally and externally address crimes of money.

Module 3:

  1. Crimes of money identification based on treaties and international conventions .
  2. Description of forgeries and manipulations
  3. Methods fraud detection.
  4. Breaking down financial documents.
  5. Distinguishing  forged signatures attributes and characteristics.
  6. Security features of old and new currencies.
  7. Practical situations and specialized workshops.

Who should attend? 

  1. Workers in banks, insurance companies, and funding companies in general.
  2. Investment Managers, Financial Analysts.
  3. Accountants working in financial companies.
  4. Brokerage, Capital Firms And Regulatory Bodies supervising the financial markets.
  5. Workers in  financial markets and currency exchange.

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