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Excellence in Contract Administration, Claims Management And Negotiations

Excellence in Contract Administration, Claims Management And Negotiations


Excellence in Contract Administration, Claims Management And Negotiations



This course is proudly introduced to you by the International Academy of Human Resource Development(IAHRD). Our courses are customized to match your needs in which they are designed by experts who has a long practical experience in the field.

This program, provides a comprehensive practical briefing on the issues and details of effective contract administration, claims management and negotiating settlements through a unique multidiscipline look at the issues. It will discuss topics like the definition and scope of contract management, satisfaction to both parties, importance of contract management and many others.



By program end the participants should be able to:


  1. Understand good contract administration practices.
  2. Determine the potential contractual issues on real contracts.
  3. Understandthe Technical-Legal-Management concerns on contracts.
  4. Make correct interpretation of contracts.
  5. Knowwhen to seek legal opinion.
  6. Properly protect their company's interests.
  7. Recognize actions and inactions that lead to wastage of contract time resources.



Module 1:

  1. Introduction and scope of contract management.
  3. Importance of contract management.
  4. Satisfaction to both parties.
  5. Activities of post-award contract.

Module 2:

  1. Securing management approval.
  2. Technical-Legal-Management concerns on contracts.
  3. Alternatives including existing contracts.
  4. When to seek legal opinions.
  5. Critical success factors.
  6. Time scales.
  7. Contingency planning.
  8. What can go wrong and why?

Module 3:

  1. Claims reporting.
  2. Third party claims.
  3. Pro-activity.
  4. Claims life-cycle.
  5. Diary, notes and calendar functions.

Module 4:

  1. Traits of an excellent negotiator.
  2. Prepare and plan every detail.
  3. Create a valuable message and reputation.
  4. Team negotiating.


Who should attend?

  1. All Those Involved In Any Aspect Of Implementing, Managing Or Administering Contracts.
  2. Also Those Involved In Any Step Of Contract Preparation And Award For Them To Realize The Importance Of A Well-Prepared Contract.
  1. Contracts Managers And Specialists
  2. Personnel Responsible For Managing Contracts To Ensure Their Company Achieves Maximum Benefit From The Contract Terms

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