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Professionalism in Project Management of Supply Chains

Professionalism in Project Management of Supply Chains


Professionalism in Project Management of Supply Chains


 This course is proudly introduced to you by the International Academy of Human Resource Development(IAHRD). Our courses are customized to match your needs in which they are designed by experts who has a long practical experience in the field.

Supply Management is the process of managing relationships, information, and materials flows across organizational boundaries to deliver enhanced customer service and economic value. You will gain an understanding of the tools and techniques used to initiate, manage and control a project. Possible initiatives for the improvement of supply management through the application of project management concepts.


At the end of this seminar, participants will be able to: 

  1. Execute a project from A to Z.
  2. Prevent the delay, reduction or fail of shipments.
  3. Develop a project plan and set clear objectives.
  4. Utilize and detect opportunities to improve the supply chain management.
  5. Breakdown the work structure to achieve each one effectively and efficiently.
  1. Design a reasonable project timeline.
  1. Estimate the project costs and evaluate the financial resources.



Module 1: 

  1. Essentials and basic concepts in project management.
  2. Project management stages.
  3. What is the relationship between project management and supply management.
  4. How does early decisions effect the project's success?
  5. The nature and scope of the project.
  6. Parameters and constraints of the project.

Module 2: 

  1. The project's supply chain.
  1. SWOT analysis.
  1. Fulfilling the expectations of stakeholders.
  1. The development of project charter.
  2. Innovative objectives beyond SMART.
  3. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  4. Duration and cost assessment
  5. Critical path scheduling.
  6. Schedule continuous update.
  7. Resource estimating and control skills in projects.


Module 3:

  1. Balancing between supply and demand.
  2. Demand management.
  3. Forecasting and replenishment.
  4. Capacity forecasting.

Module 4: 

  1. The quality and reliability in executing the project.
  2. What is the project information management.
  3. Managing risks and uncertainties.
  4. Contingency planning.
  5. Tracking and evaluating the progress.



Who Should Attend? 

  1. Leaders, managers, supervisors, and persons responsible for evaluating and improving their company's supply management programs and activities.
  2. Those seeking ways to improve, enhance and maximize the value they add to their organizations through better management of their supply systems.
  3. Interested candidates in general.



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