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The Art of Office Management and Executive Secretariat

The Art of Office Management and Executive Secretariat


The Art of  Office Management and Executive Secretariat


This course is proudly introduced to you by the International Academy of Human Resource Development(IAHRD). Our courses are customized to match your needs in which they are designed by experts who has a long practical experience in the field.

This program will introduce you to the key components within the roles and responsibilities of an office manager or an executive assistant to fulfill their job responsibilities with high quality. The course will tackle various topics such as  the job description of a secretary, using time in the most efficient way , developing an ideal self-image and increasing self-confidence, perfect scheduling, the importance of diary management, the definition of communication, developing negotiation skills and techniques, oral and listening skills, comparing different types of communication skills and understanding when to use each, body language and communication barriers, dealing with difficult people and difficult situations in addition to many other essential topics in the world of business.


After finishing this course, candidates will be able to:

  1. Identify role of an office manager  or an executive assistant to fulfill tasks and responsibilities.
  2. Understand the traits of an effective executive secretary.
  3. Be a reliable strategic partner with their bosses.
  4. Learn how to think in a consistent logical way for a better decision making process.
  5. Enhance the communication skills in all the levels of the organization.
  6. Manage stress and pressure without affecting the quality of work.
  7. Develop and enhance creativity by 'thinking outside the box’ strategies.
  8. Manage difficult people and situations.
  9. Manage the tensions and demands of their workplace in such a position.


Module 1:

  1. Job definition and analysis.
  2. Identification of different personality types.
  3. How to develop an image of self-confidence?

Module 2:

  1. Efficient time management.
  2. Work prioritizing and scheduling.
  3. Travel arrangements.
  4. Diary management.
  5. Problem solving and decision making model.
  6. Teams and decision making.
  7. Strategies for a better decision making processes.

Module 3:

  1. What is communication?
  1. Improving communications within an existing team.
  2. Oral and listening skills.
  3. Reporting to higher levels of management.
  4. Negotiation Skills And Techniques.
  5. Forms of communication telephone , face to face and written communications.
  6. When to use each form of communication?


Module 4:

  1. Effective communication approaches.
  2. Communication barriers and ways to overcome them.
  3. Understand body language and how to utilize it.
  4. Listening skills and positive thinking.
  5. Handling difficult people and difficult situations.


  1. What makes  good meetings good and bad meetings bad?
  2. Obstacles to meeting effectiveness.
  3. Key characteristics of an effective meeting.
  4. Meeting rules and processes.
  5. Agenda setting and evaluations.
  6. Meeting room preparation.
  7. Recording devices

Module 6:

  1. Practicing a “Typical Day” simulated scenario incorporating issues and techniques from the week.
  2. Identifying a life-style that suits you as an individual.
  3. Presentation and negotiation techniques.
  4. Personal action plan.
  5. Workshop in electronic office management and secretariat.

Who should attend? 

  1. Office Administrators.
  2. Office Managers.
  3. Project coordinators.
  4. Supervisors of clerical and administrative staff.
  5. Executive Secretaries.
  1. Personal Assistants.
  2. Graduates and undergraduates interested in office management. 


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