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  • The Need for Adaptive Leadership in Development in Challenging Contexts

The Need for Adaptive Leadership in Development in Challenging Contexts

The Need for Adaptive Leadership in Development in Challenging Contexts


The Need for Adaptive Leadership in Development in Challenging Contexts

Introduction :

This course is introduced to you by the International Academy of Human Resources Development (IAHRD). Our courses are specially designed to meet your needs, explained to you by experts with a long experience in the field.

Being a leader in development means working in complex and challenging contexts. Projects rarely run as planned, and managers need to be flexible and adaptive in their approach. Adaptive leadership. Adaptive leadership helps the environment thrive in challenging environments around.  It is designed to assist the individuals and organizations in uncertain times or when the future is hard to estimate. Acing the skills of adaptive leadership will save the organizations life and increase its sustainability which tells us how important it is to gain them.

Objectives :

After attending this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Solve problems in development context that may appear simple.
  2. Learn strategies for how to dig deeper into the problem and come up with solutions that address the real issues.
  3. Apply techniques and practical tools for understanding local contexts.
  4. Fill the gap between policy and practice and appreciate the fundamental mismatch between them.


What you'll learn:

  • To appreciate the fundamental mismatch between policy and practice in development
  • To understand the importance of having context, and in finding local solutions to local problems
  • Skills in adaptive development practice, in the cycles of experimentation, learning, iteration and adaptation
  • To discern strategies to overcome political challenges and broker new collaborations
  • To comprehend how to measure progress and manage performance when working adaptively
  • To diffuse results from practice, by taking them to scale and influencing policy

Content :

Module 1:

What do we actually mean by adaptive leadership?

The importance of adaptive leadership.

The functions of adaptive leadership.

Module 2:

The scope of adaptive leadership.

The challenges of leadership.

Globalization and adaptive leadership.

Module 3:

Uncertainty and adaptive leadership.

Identifying technical and adaptive problems.

Establishing an effective adaptive leadership approach.

Module 4:

Becoming an adaptive leader.

The characteristics of an adaptive leader.

New dreams demand new strategies.

Module 5:

Adaptive changes built on the past.

Policies and adaptive changes.

Observe, interpret and intervene.


Who should attend?

  1. Managers from all levels.
  2. Supervisors.
  3. Section heads.
  4. Individuals moving to managerial roles.
  5. Interested candidates.




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