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High Quality Accounting Treatment of Financial Operations

High Quality Accounting Treatment of Financial Operations


High Quality Accounting Treatment of Financial Operations



This course is happily introduced to you by the International Academy of Human Resource Development (IAHRD). We are glad to inform you that our courses are written by experts who have a long experience in the related field. The Accounting Treatment of Financial Operations Course is essential for all the employees in the company. Whether it is directly related to their position or not , it is still important to understand the accounting systems , the economic events and transactions. In this course you'll gain knowledge in financial operations and reporting as well as it's foundations, methods and techniques. Remember that we will follow up with you step by step till proficiency!




Participants attending the program will:

  1. Grasp the basics of accounting , finance ,terminology and  structure.
  2.  Gain a variety of practical analytical skills for Interpreting and dealing with financial operations and related data.
  3. Have the main keys of accounting to be implemented in real-life environment of a firm not just theoretical teaching.
  4. Increase your self-esteem when dealing with financial operations or reviewing other companies financial data.
  5. Be able to read , Interpret and understand information presented in financial reports.
  6. Improve and facilitate the decision making process to fulfill the wanted goals and the vision of the firm .



Module 1:

  1. Who uses financial operations and why?
  2. The flow of operations in a company.
  3. Distinguishing different types of operations and what it is derived from.
  4. Basic accounting terminology explained.
  5. Reporting formats.

Module 2:

  1. Cash versus profit.
  2. The flow of money in and out of a company.
  3. How this is managed and controlled?
  4. Customers & suppliers: The collection and payment processes.
  5. Where finance comes from?
  6. Basic cash flow statements.

Module 3:

  1. Understanding the composition of the profit and loss account.
  2. Computing profitability ratios.
  3. The balance sheet explained.
  4. Using financial ratios.
  5. Interpreting results and making comparisons between companies.

Module 4:

  1. How we classify costs and set standards?
  2. Different costing methods used in business.
  3. Basic forecasting techniques.
  4. Preparing a departmental budget.
  5. Comparing actual performance with the budget.
  6. Exercises and case studies.

Who should attend?

  1. Staff who have financial responsibilities beside operational roles.
  2. Financial Staff that are interested in increasing their financial knowledge or who are looking for career development.
  3. Graduates and undergraduates who want to plan for their future career through expanding their knowledge and understanding in accounting and finance.
  4. All personnel in all the levels of the organization must know at least the basics in finance and accounting to be able to make decisions and understand financial activitiesin the organisation.


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