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Business Analysis, Decision Making and Developing a Strategy

Business Analysis, Decision Making and Developing a Strategy


Business Analysis, Decision Making and Developing a Strategy


Effective strategic analysis, strategic decision-making and translating those decisions into a strategy that can be communicated and planned is essential to the future success of any organization. In this programme you will learn how to:

  • Focus on core tools for strategic analysis and how to use them effectively to make strategic decisions
  • Develop a strategy that can guide your firm into the future.
  • Examine best practice models from other industries and also apply the techniques learned in their own industries


  • Understand and apply a range of tools available for strategic analysis
  • Analyze the competitive environment and your firm’s position in it
  • Understand the resources and competences involved in different bases of competitive advantage
  • Analyze the core competences and basis of competitive advantage of your firm
  • Understand and apply the tools available for developing strategic options
  • Understand the characteristics of good strategic decision making
  • Understand common traps involved in strategic decision making that lead to failure
  • Bring strategic analysis and decision making together into a strategy for your firm
  • Broaden strategic analysis and decision making skills through considering a range of case examples outside your industry and applying the concepts in your own firm


Analysing the competitive environment and firm positioning

  • Introduction to environmental analysis tools – PESTLE, Five forces analysis, Industry life cycle analysis and Strategic group analysis
  • Identifying trends affecting an industry
  • Identifying the state of competition within an industry, the key competitors and the key competitive positions
  • Identifying key success factors in an industry
  • Case study analysis applying these concepts
  • Applying these concepts to your firm 

          Analyzing the resources and competences underlying competitive advantage

  • Introduction to organizational analysis tools – Resource auditing, Core competences, Value chain analysis
  • Mapping how organizational resources and competences strengthen or detract from a firm’s competitive position
  • Case analysis: Undertaking a resource, competence and value chain analysis for firms in different competitive positions
  • Applying these concepts to your firm

          Developing strategic options

  • Introduction to tools for developing strategic options – Portfolio analysis, Product/Market analysis, Protecting current advantage
  • Developing a range of strategic options
  • Evaluating options and making strategic choices
  • Ensuring that strategic options fit the competitive environment, your firm’s competitive position and develop sustainable competitive advantage
  • Case analysis

         The strategic decision making process

  • Understanding the key characteristics of effective strategic decision making
  • Understanding common traps in strategic decision making – hubris, over-reach, overly consensual
  • Introduction to a range of tools for improving strategic decision making – Dialectic inquiry, Devil’s advocacy, Scenario building techniques
  • Analyzing the strategic decision making process in your firm, business division, or work group
  • Developing a guideline for improving decision making in your firm, business division, or work group

         Pulling strategic analysis and decision-making together in a strategy

  • Identifying your core business proposition
  • Developing a vision and mission statement for your core business proposition
  • Identifying the key strategic priorities that your firm needs to meet
  • Developing strategic objectives

Who should attend?

Designed for employees in all industries who are involved with the strategic planning process for their unit or the whole organization, who want to improve their strategic analysis and decision making skills.

Kuala Lumpur

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