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Key Account Management: Establishing Profitable Customer Relationships

Key Account Management: Establishing Profitable Customer Relationships


Key Account Management: Establishing Profitable Customer Relationships Introduction: Building quality key account strategies is the heart of successful business marketing programs. The role of the sales force in establishing and nurturing these relationships is vital. The sales environment is rapidly changing. Long selling cycles, complex propositions, and high value sales make new methods necessary. This seminar provides the latest thinking in key account and customer relationship strategy for companies who want to differentiate their product and service by value-added elements tailored to customized solutions for key customers.   Objectives: By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Improve margins and keep more profit .
  • Prioritize efforts for maximum results .
  • Develop a sales plan for each strategic (key) account to fully satisfy client needs and maximize customer value .
  • Lead the buying process and close more sales .
  • Maximize human capital utilization .
  • Identify, evaluate and prioritize opportunities for business and relationship development Enable participants to better define their key account management and customer relationship programs and how to better align their sales efforts with specific customer needs and requirements for which the customer is willing to pay .
  • Help participants develop better targets for their key/strategic accounts and develop a better understanding of the resource levels that should be allocated to these accounts . Provide participants with tools to design key account and customer relationship strategies.


  • Changing sales environment o Decline of the middle
o Price/Quality pressures
o Customer expectations
o The benefits of key account management
  • Relationship marketing and selling
o Building value into the sale for all customer levels
o Different tasks-different skills (partnering, negotiations, identifying account desires) o Creative approaches to key account management
  • The importance of getting partnering right: relationship assessment Managing complex sales situations
  • Partnering with key accounts.
Key account planning strategies and control
  • Measuring customer-lifetime value.
  • Technology and communication in account management.
  • Customer relationship management tools: opportunity planning.
  • Managing the long selling cycle, complex, high relationship sale-case study.
  • Personal relationships and account management.
  • Company-to-company relationships in account management.
  • Case study on key account relationship marketing.
  • Developing the key account master plan

  • Increasing key account program effectiveness o Account selection and classification.
o Resource allocation by type of account
  • Auditing the key account program—audit checklist

  Who should attend?

  • The seminar is especially designed for key account and sales force managers in charge of developing and targeting customer relationship programs
  • For any manager determining the criteria for developing a key/strategic account program, and which customers should be included in that program.
  • All decision-makers involved in supporting key/strategic account and customer relationship management programs can benefit from attending this seminar.

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