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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


The course uses the frameworks of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and good corporate governance to enhance the role of the privates sector in sustainable development and poverty alleviation alongside government and civil society. The course encourages broader acceptance of CSR as a vital component of corporate strategy.


  • The course convenes companies, governments, and civil society in coalition-building for successful design and implementation of integrated CSR programs. Courses and activities are geared toward development of action plans for institutional change in the field of corporate social responsibility and sustainable competitiveness.
  • At the country level, the focus is on the design and implementation of appropriate policy measures and initiatives aimed at creating an environment that supports sound corporate social responsibility practices. Responsibility, transparency and accountability are emphasized as essential elements to produce a sound investment climate and more equitable development.
  • With the private sector, the course facilitates development and implementation of sound CSR and corporate governance practices as a sustainable competitive advantage. CSR offers a systematic method for addressing the needs of key stakeholders, including the communities in which companies operate. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of business in successfully reaching the Millennium Development Goals.


  • A Historic perspective of the CSR movement
  • Introduction to Corporate Social Responsibility –CSR
  • CSR – Classification and Corporate Sustainability Indicators
  • CSR Trends-CSR Drivers, Standards, Reporting, Benefits
  • An introduction to the CSR Stakeholder Approach

Who should attend?

  • For business, government and civil society leaders aimed at designing and implementing action plans at the company/organizational level.
  • Work Units: The target beneficiaries are: CEOs, Managing Directors, Corporate Affairs managers, NGO directors, International organizations, government officials, investors, shareholders, consumers, customers, media, business partners, and employees.


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