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EFQM Excellence Model

EFQM Excellence Model


EFQM Excellence Model


  • Gain a thorough understanding of the more detailed aspects of the EFQM Excellence Model and of the RADAR scoring matrix, provided by tutors who have been personally involved in the development of both 

  • Gain a good level of assessor skills through practical 'hands on' work based upon a high quality case study 

  • Receive a high level of personal support and feedback from very experienced tutors with wide experience 

  • Have the opportunity to learn with and from delegates with a range of different backgrounds and experiences 

  • Develop the skills and knowledge to conduct assessments with a varying range of complexity, from single site, single nationality, to those where the organization being assessed has sites in several countries and where the assessment team is made up of assessors from a number of different countries 

  • On completion, be able to contribute effectively as a member of a high performing assessment team

You will be assessed on your performance during the course and the pre-course work. If you match, or exceed the pre-determined levels of performance against a set of assessor competencies, you will receive a certificate confirming your success and recognizing your achievement.

Course Outline :

This course enables you to acquire the skills and knowledge to effectively assess an organization as part of a high performing assessment team.

This course covers:

  • The EFQM assessment process 

  • An advanced understanding of the EFQM Excellence Model 

  • Scoring using the RADAR Matrix 

  • Understanding the organization being assessed 

  • Identifying key themes 

  • Reaching consensus 

  • The basics of site visits 

  • Preparing and delivering feedback reports and presentations 

  • Pre-requisite 
Delegates need to have a career in management, also a broad knowledge and experience of management processes. 


Who shall attend?

This course is addressed to individuals who intend to become a qualified EFQM Excellence Assessor, and those who would like a more detailed understanding of the EFQM Excellence Model and the RADAR scoring Matrix.

Course Methodology

  • Power point presentation 

  • Brain storming 

  • Group exercise – Case studies 


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