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Skills of Improving Working Methods

Skills of Improving Working Methods


Skills of Improving Working Methods


This program will provide a clear vision for you to significantly enhance your simplification and development skills. You will gain a comprehensive range of very practical and highly effective tools and approaches that can be immediately implemented upon your return to work.


By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Achieve measurable improvement in work performance.
  • Develop a personal action plan to improve effectiveness.
  • Develop the ability to simplify work effectively.
  • Measure and observe performance of others.
  • Learn to empower others to perform at a higher level.
  • Lead difficult staff and colleagues through feedback processes.
  • Adapt your behavioral style to communicate with anyone in any culture.
  • Explore why work development and simplification are vital to your organization's success.
  • Discover how to take a systematic approach to work development and simplification.
  • Learn how to integrate your work development based on real business needs and potential benefits.
  • Be able to become a key supporter of work development and succession planning initiatives in your organization.
  • Learn how to evaluate options to ensure the effectiveness of your initiatives.
  • Gain the respect of your people and your senior management team.
  • Set practical goals for your work—goals you can achieve regardless of hitches.
  • Set realistic schedules that you can meet.
  • Develop work plan—and get that plan implemented.
  • Stay on top of schedules, workloads and people problems.
  • Save time and energy by building in flexibility rather than merely putting out fires.
  • Build your credibility with top management.


Overview of work management

  • What is work?
  • Roles in and around work.
  • Work and people management.
  • Work team and leadership.
  • The art, science and practice of work management.

Concepts of work development

  • Benefits of work development.
  • Characteristics of a well-defined project.
  • Project tasks and the path they follow.

Estimating the work

  • Creating realistic and achievable estimates.
  • Targets vs. estimates vs. commitments.

Work development and simplification

  • Work plan vs. Project planning.
  • Setting work priorities and objectives.
  • Work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • Developing work implementation plan.
  • What ‘should’ be done vs. what ‘could’ be done?

Ways of developing and simplifying work procedures

  • Importance of development and simplification.
  • Basics of development and simplification.
  • Procedures of development and simplification.
  • Implementation of development and simplification.
  • Evaluation of development and simplification.

Work closure

  • Preparing a useful and brief final report .
  • Securing final approvals and buy-ins.
  • Organizational, contractual and financial closures.

Case studies

• Case studies from different countries about work development and simplification.

Who Should Attend?

The program will particularly benefit anyone responsible for:

  • Developing and simplifying strategies.
  • Initiating and managing change.
  • Improving operational performance.
  • Creating and leading high performance teams and demonstrating empowering leadership.
  • Transitioning from managing to leading.


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