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  • Identification and Analysis of Training Needs and Preparing Training Plans

Identification and Analysis of Training Needs and Preparing Training Plans

Identification and Analysis of Training Needs and Preparing Training Plans


Identification and Analysis of Training Needs and Preparing Training Plans


The topic of Identification and Analysis of Training Needs and Preparing Training Plans is a new and interesting area in today’s world-class training functions. This program specifically covers all the main areas of analysis including training evaluation and training plans. Persons attending this program will have a complete set of analysis tools and many new examples, which can be easily applied in the work place.


Participants attending the program will:

  • Apply analysis techniques to critical areas which contribute to effective training.
  • Be able to measure the effectiveness of the types of training.
  • Be able to demonstrate modern methods and do efficient analysis.
  • Be able to set up and effectively measure all elements of delivered training.
  • Demonstrate how trend changes can benefit the organisation.
  • Be able to measure competency through their department or company.
  • Use the latest evaluation and analysis models.
  • Develop their skills in preparing effective training plans.


Why training analysis is critical?

  • Program introductions and objectives.
  • The key areas of training activity.
  • Analysis that’s needed to show if a training function is efficient –or not. ü Review.

The key areas of training delivery-the training process:

  • Business expectations compared with training results.
  • Analysis methods for training materials.
  • Analysis methods for training delivery and for trainees – what information is useful to keep.
  • Understanding evaluation and being able to apply it.

Practical examples of trend analysis:

  • What trends are worth analyzing? – Practical group exercise.
  • In -house and external training –understanding their relationship and value.
  • How to do the analysis and how to produce results .
  • case study .

Preparing training plans:

  • What would improve training effectiveness,
  • Methods – training duration – incentives and the role and positioning of testing.
  • Management accountability for training implementation.
  • Should all training be subjected to evaluation?
  • Where and how to get measurement to provide outstanding results.
  • Techniques and steps to preparing effective plans.

Applying analysis techniques back in the work place:

  • How to use analysis in the workplace.
  • Succession planning and its effectiveness. ü What to do with poor performers.
  • Case studies.

Who should attend?

  • HR Personnel, Training specialists, training co-coordinators and any line manager or supervisor who wants to see analytical results from training.
  • Budget holders for training,
  • In addition to anyone in the organisation who wishes to see how the effectiveness of all areas of training can be measured.


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