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  • Globalization And Its Effect On The World Of Business

Globalization And Its Effect On The World Of Business

Globalization And Its Effect On The World Of Business


Globalization And Its Effect On The World Of Business


This course is introduced to you by the International Academy of Human Resources Development (IAHRD). Our courses are specially designed to meet your needs, explained to you by experts with a long experience in the field.

 We cannot deny the fact that day after day, technology has a continuous influence on businesses. This training course does not require specialist knowledge of economics, though delegates will need to have a lively interest in international business relationships. Globalization has affected the world of business in all aspects. It is important for you to understand nature of globalization to be able to adjust and utilize these changes. Shifting your planning from national to global might be a terrifying idea, while you can actually reap high benefits of the process and increase the sustainability of the firm.  This course will provide you with almost everything you need to know about globalization.


At the end of this training course, participants will be able to:
  1. Define globalization and understand its nature.
  2. Understand how and why the world economy is responding to globalization.
  3. Clarify the changing role of international financial institutions underglobalization.
  4. Overcome the challenges that raised as a result of globalization.
  5. Identify the key factors for success in building a global organization.
  6. Discuss the pros and cons of globalization.
  7. Lead their teams in contributing effectively to utilize globalization's benefits.

Content :

Module 1:

  1. What is globalization?
  2. The nature of globalization.
  3. How did the structure of the world economy change?
  4. The changing role of the international financial institutions
  5. Why to develop globally?

Module 2:

A.    Strategic management in global organizations.

B.     Strategic planning shifting from national to global.

  1. How to develop globally?
  2. A planning framework for a globalizingorganization.
  3. Analyzing and managing the risks in global development.

Module 3:

A.    Global organizations operation management.

  1. Globally coordinating global business.
  2. Professionally handling the first stages of globalization.
  3. Finalstages of globalization.

Module 4:

A.    Structural design in a global organization.

  1. Flexibility level of the organization.
  2. The importance human resource development in a global operation.
  3. Effective global communication.
  4. Collaboration and alliances.

Module 5:

A.    The future of global business.

B.     Economic shift and location of activity in the future.

  1. Discussing 2008 and 20015 financial crisis.

Who should attend?

  1. Strategic and operational planners
  2. Financial managers/controllers
  3. Organizational development specialists
  4. Human resource managers.
  5. Business process designers and analysts.
  6. Interested candidates of graduates and undergraduates in the field of business.




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