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Training Strategies and Preparation of Training Plans

Training Strategies and Preparation of Training Plans


Training Strategies and Preparation of Training Plans


This training program looks at what’s required from a strategic and management point of view to keep training up to date and able to deliver business needs - now and in the future.

Global Competition, technology, business and employee expectations have all changed – providing a greater need for training than ever before the question on many manager lips – “is our training delivering what we need now and what we need to be competitive”. This training program addresses these issues and examines what’s new and what will really add value to the organization.


  • Be able to fully utilize the link between strategy and training actions.
  • Find out the vital role training has with corporate culture.
  • Be able to use a system to improve the effectiveness and interest of training.
  • Use two techniques to priorities training and its activities.
  • Understand and be able to take action on the new and dynamic role of training.
  • Be able to evaluate any training and measure its organizational value.
  • Be able to maximize training activity by using an innovative results based coaching.
  • Improve succession and development programs.
  • Be able to understand and take action on the major exciting new initiatives facing training in 2014 and beyond.
  • Understand the awesome impact of e business and e learning on the future of training.
  • Understand who to make comprehensive training plan.


The New role of Training:

  • The changing expectation – Tom Peters Video.
  • Managing change – “Who moved my Cheese” The concept of welcoming change.
  • Understanding the total role of training.
  • A new look at training needs analysis- collection and action.
  • Prioritizing for organizational effectiveness – two methods explained.

Making training a strategic tool:

  • How to interpret corporate culture requirements.
  • Use of a framework to strategically contribute to and action strategy.
  • The use of a 10-step model to action, measure, evaluate and report on training effectiveness.
  • Practical exercise and case study.
  • Techniques to make training really effective.
  • How to set up- cost, evaluate and report on training effectiveness – group work.

Efficiency measures to create a high performance training function:

  • Understanding and putting together unit costs – practical exercise.
  • New techniques to measure the training department efficiency and output.
  • Is bench marking a productive exercise?
  • Constructing, managing, and prioritizing budgets and resources.
  • Making career development and succession planning effective.

New trends and innovations in Training and development:

  • The changing shape of organizations – downsizing and right sizing explained – its impact on training and development.
  • Knowledge Management-the big organization change for 2010 and beyond.
  • The impact of high performing teams on organizations.
  • The effectiveness of goal oriented coaching – video showing the power of coaching - practical case studies.

The changing world – the e-revolution:

  • The pace of change – how it will affect everyone at work.
  • Understanding e – commerce and e business.
  • How e learning will change the face of training – but are all the claims true?
  • How to specify and manage e learning contracts.
  • Ideas into action – the next steps.

Who Should Attend?

  • Managers who are responsible for improving performance in their organization or who have responsibility for organizational change.
  • Training & HR personnel who need to be up to date, and what to attend a meaningful course.
  • Anyone who runs supervises or has an organizational interest in training.


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