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  • Preparation of Training Plans to Maximise the Return from Training

Preparation of Training Plans to Maximise the Return from Training

Preparation of Training Plans to Maximise the Return from Training


Preparation of Training Plans to Maximise the Return from Training


By the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Introduce participants to the concept and importance of the training process and management training
  • Develop the skills to use modern methods in the management of training.
  • Provide participants with the foundations and the scientific methods for the preparation of plans and training budgets.
  • Develop their skills in the use of modern methods and face the problems and obstacles efficiently and effectively.
  • Identify the styles of modern and practical in measuring the return on investment of training.
  • Recognition on the process of assessing the training programs of the training process in the integrated system of training and career development.
  • Enable participants to apply and practice the assessment process through the identification of four levels for evaluating training programs.
  • Identify ways to design models of training evaluation and measurement of effectiveness of the return on training investment effectively, and how the application in practice in order to maximize the return on the return from training.
  • Identify some of the experiences in the areas of training evaluation and measurement of efficiency and revenue.
  • Identify the scientific and practical methods to measure training effectiveness and measurement of return in order to venerate.


  • The concept and the importance of practical training and management training.
  • Use of modern techniques in the management of training.
  • The concept of planning, training and training plan.
  • Requirements of the substantive preparation of the training plan.
  • System training (training system).
  • Training between the concept and principles and the application and the elements of the training system and vocabulary.
  • Stages of the process for the implementation of programs and practical applications on how to convert to performance-free system can be monitored and evaluated.
  • Evaluation of training Cost and Return.
  • The costs of a training program and the model of the four stages of the quality of the college.
  • The basic concepts and their meanings (performance - follow-up - assessment) and the skills required to provide in the existing assessment.
  • Evaluation requirements for the successful training of the data and information necessary for the evaluation process.
  • Practical applications in the preparation of data, information and assessment skills.

Who should attend?

All workers in the areas of human resources and training, personnel, planning, development and follow-up studies.


Kuala Lumpur

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