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The Keys of Corporate Governance and Business Management

The Keys of Corporate Governance and Business Management


The Keys of Corporate Governance and Business Management


This course is specially introduced to you by the International Academy for Human Resource Development (IAHRD).This Corporate Governance training course helps delegates to plan, formulate and implement modern international corporate governance principles. The topics covered by this program are blended with case studies drawn from recent international precedents. Workshop projects that simulate real-life experiences will help to reinforce key principles of corporate governance.

This course starts by presenting the new role of board committees and directors’ responsibilities and powers, and continues with best practice in implementation of governance in day-to-day activities. The training agenda of this Corporate Governance course provides an intensive exploration of the key principles of financial management and the related practices of corporate governance.Costs and benefits of best practice governance are put into perspective, to open the discussion about stakeholder relationship management. The course will also discuss the challenges of implementing best practice corporate governance in emerging markets and will include the specific requirements of banks and financial institutions.


  1. At the end of this course, candidates will be able to:
  2. Understand the concept of corporate governance and business management.
  3. Simulatereal-life experiences will help to reinforce key principles of corporate governance.
  4. Discuss the challenges facing the implementation of best practice corporate governance.
  5. Explore key principles of financial managements.
  6. Present the new role of board committees and directors’ responsibilities
  7. State the codes of practice.
  8. Understand the board's composition and processes.


Module 1 

  1. Introduction to codes of practice, implementation, costs and benefits.
  2. The level playing field.
  3. Corporate governance ( The Business Case).
  4. Good corporate governance and emerging markets.
  5. Industry of banks and government companies.
  6. Legal and regulatory frameworks of governance.
  7. Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS).
  8. The relationship among ethics, culture and the board’s responsibility.

Module 2 

  1. The pressure of corporate behavior change.
  2. The legal background of CSR.
  3. Company directors’ obligations and CSR.
  4. Voluntary measures.
  5. Is CSR limited to Public Relations?
  6. The relationship between CSR and corporate governance links.

Module 3 

  1. Boards of directors and committees.
  2. The Board and their practicalities.
  3. The board’s composition and processes.
  4. Main duties of a director.
  5. Promoting the success stories of the company.
  6. Main duties of the chairman.
  7. Executive Directors vs. Non-Executive Directors.
  8. Making a difference using non-executive directors.

Module 4 

  1. Personalities on the board.
  2. Where Was The Chairman? study vs. Singapore Airlines study
  3. Responsibilities of directors and risk management.
  4. Executive management roles.
  5. The practicalities of the correct relationship.
  6. The ineffective board and its consequences.
  7. Maxwell, Polly Peck, Enron, WorldCom as examples of corporate failure.
  8. Analysis of the banking crisis as a failure of governance
  9. Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulatory responses to corporate governance failure.
  10. Recommendations to prevent failures.

Module 5 

  1. Governance in controlled companies
  2. The board and strategy.
  3. Shareholders, stakeholders, and the board integrative role.
  4. Case Study.
  5. How to improve corporate governance in your company?
  6. Rules awareness and the level of compliance to them.
  7. How to protect shareholders.
  8. Communicating with shareholder.
  9. The legal framework of corporate governance.
  10. Course summary.

Who Should Attend? 

  1. Directors & Board Members
  2. Audit Committee Members
  3. Company Secretaries And Governance Professionals
  4. Corporate Counsel
  5. Senior Company Management
  6. Investors And Fund Managers
  7. Analysts
  8. Regulators
  9. Securities Exchange Officials
  10. Lawyers & Legislators


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