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Change Management and Organisational Development

Change Management and Organisational Development


Change Management and Organisational Development


  • Awaken the role of the modern commander in the management process.
  • Enhance the skills for the implementation of the objectives of the foundation.
  • Develop the awareness of the most important challenges facing the leader in this rapidly changing world particularly in the area of information technologies and means of modern communication.
  • Enable participants to carry out any new burdens assigned to them, recognise how to fill leadership positions in the new future.
  • Outline the most important elements that must be in available in outstanding leader for change called for in his institution.


  • Analysis of the overall management process using a square work.
  • Characteristics and specifications the modern personality of leaders.
  • The leader's modern vision of the future and commitment.
  • The leader's strategic and administrative plan to reach the vision for the future.
  • The leader's diverse criteria for the organization of work and follow-up.
  • Performance analysis for institutional development using the method of analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Development of the workforce.
  • Development of tools and equipment.
  • Creativity of administrative and behavioural skills of the leader of the administrative team, including building work in a quality circles and motivating staff and involving them in decision-making.
  • Latest administrative forms, which must be used by managers and leaders of excellence in the modern work, include: SWOT analysis Model, SMART Model.
  • Foreseeing changes in the conditions and circumstances surrounding that call for change.
  • Change requirements, and the ability to provide these requirements and the involvement of other administrative units in the institution in the process of change positive in dealing with the errors.
  • Effective follow-up of the process of change, especially in the early stages of application.

Who should attend?

  • Managers working in leadership positions or who are expected to occupy such sites in the future.
  • All officials in general who are responsible for the planning, organization and follow-up activities of the units that oversee and evaluate the work of the staff and the continued development of their performance.


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