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Microsoft Project: Managing Multiple Projects

Microsoft Project: Managing Multiple Projects


Microsoft Project: Managing Multiple Projects


Project managers are often tasked with maintaining complex or multiple projects and require the ability to share resources and performance data. When the scope or volume of projects does not sustain the investment in Project Server, managers can leverage Microsoft Project Professional as a standalone solution. This course provides the skills to manage multiple or complex projects with Project Professional. You learn to create cross-project links, develop shared resources, and track and report status across multiple projects.


  • Leverage Microsoft Project Professional tools and techniques in a multi-project environment
  • Reorganize large or complex projects into master and subprojects
  • Optimize resource assignments across projects and resolve over allocations
  • Track schedule, completeness and budget on complex projects and for distributed teams
  • Connect project managers, teams and data across the organization
  • Integrate third-party applications to facilitate data sharing and accessibility


Introduction and Overview

  • Microsoft Project, Portfolio and program standards and terms
  • Microsoft Project Professional for complex and multiple projects
  • Identifying essential project prerequisites

Establishing a Multi-Project Framework

  • Operating within a shared environment
  • Setting standards for Microsoft Project Professional
  • Applying a consistent feature set throughout the organization
  • Managing the muti-project environment
  • Controlling calendars, views and fields
  • Adopting a robust multiple-file management system
  • Customizing and deploying the Global Template with Organizer

Implementing Master Projects and Subprojects

  • Developing Consolidated projects
  • Compiling consolidated projects with embedding
  • Utilizing existing project plans
  • Building master and subprojects
  • Defining project hierarchy by inserting subprojects into a master project
  • Linking tasks across projects
  • Applying best practices for master and subprojects

Scheduling Project Resources Using a Shared Pool

  • Creating a shared resource pool
  • Selecting preferred resource types: names, generic and sets
  • Grouping resources to establishes management boundaries
  • Employing a shared pool to your advantage
  • Identifying and resolving conflicts
  • Viewing assignments across projects
  • Resourcing projects based upon availability
  • Resolving resource over allocations
  • Prioritizing subprojects and tasks
  • Leveling and smoothing subprojects and tasks using priorities

Tracking Progress Across Multiple Projects

  • Essential skills for tracking
  • Meaningful metrics: measuring schedule, completeness and budget
  • Base lining projects and subprojects
  • Selecting the right tracking methods
  • Tracking by tasks, assignments and teams
  • Implementing effective cost-tracking
  • Calculating cost variances
  • Maximizing the information
  • Analyzing and evaluating progress
  • Determining schedule slippage
  • Making adjustments and taking corrective action
  • Practical guidelines for tracking complex projects

Communicating With Project Teams

  • Developing a communication infrastructure
  • Integrating with third-party applications
  • Employing Outlook to improve communication with team members
  • Facilitating updates from local or distributed team members
  • Transferring data to Access to Excel
  • Disseminating information to non-Microsoft Project users
  • Distributing data form multiple projects
  • Reporting schedule and cost progress
  • Customizing views and reports

Who should attend?

This course is useful for project managers working in a multiproject environment. Participants should be able to enter and link tasks, create and assign resources, save a baseline and track progress for single projects.


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