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  • Comprehensive Methodology for Training Management and Training of Trainers (TOT)

Comprehensive Methodology for Training Management and Training of Trainers (TOT)

Comprehensive Methodology for Training Management and Training of Trainers (TOT)


Comprehensive Methodology for Training Management and Training of Trainers (TOT)


This course is gladly introduced to you by the International Academy of Human Resource Development (IAHRD).  Our experts have designed these courses to match your needs and take your career to the next level. Here in IAHRD our main goal is to deliver quality.Training is potentially the most powerful tool for personal and organizational development. Training professionals plays a vital role in getting best value from training by ensuring that the right person goes on the right course for the right reason at the right time. This program will give you “best practice” in terms of tools, tips and techniques.


By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Be familiar with the training basics.
  2. Plan efficiently for the training process.
  3. Implement practical training methods.
  4. Measure, analyzeand learn from the results of training
  5. Practice analysis techniques to nominate and train the right staff.
  6. Improve and develop the quality of training to make it more interactive, communicative and motivational.
  7. Define the characteristics of an effective training plan. 
  8. Build skills that will make participants able to manage career issues and conflicts.
  9. Reconsider and review organizational strategies, objectives and plans.
  10. Ensure that the training has a positive impact on the business.
  11. Recognize your full potential as a human being,
  12. Increase their self-esteem and confident in any situation they're facing.
  1. Understand and define the career needs.


Module 1:

  1. Basics of training.
  2. What is training?
  3. Why to go through a training?
  4. Different types of training.
  5. The nature of the training process. 
  6. Training philosophy.
  7. Different training strategies.
  8. Open System training. 
  9. Roles and responsibilities throughout the training process.

Module 2:

  1. Questions and answers in the lecture.
  2. Brainstorming through role playing.
  3. Case Study about Simulation.
  4. Programmed Learning.
  5. Practical exercises through a demonstration.
  6. Field visits.

Module 3:

  1. Detecting and analyzing training needs.
  2. Reorganizingorganizational strategies, objectives and plans.


  1. Design and selection of training programs.
  2. Factors effecting the training program.
  3. Steps to design a program.
  4. Selection criteria of the training program.
  1. What are the characteristics of an effective training plan?
  1. Settingpriorities and objectives.
  2. Time schedule  and the program budget.

Module 4:

  1. Selecting trainers.
  2. Pre-program administration.
  3. During Program administration.
  4. Post-Program Administration.
  5. Selecting training venue.
  6. Coordinating with trainees.

Module 5:

  1. Internal and external coordination.
  2. Preparing the list of participant names.
  3. Final steps to conduct the program.
  4. Follow-up.
  5. Review and modification, and updating of training information.
  6. Overall program evaluation.
  7. Budgetary control.


Who Should Attend?

  1. Training Professionals.
  2. Workers in training and development.
  3. Full-Time Trainers.
  4. Those in a line role with responsibilities for training people.
  5. Graduates and undergraduates who wish to enhance their knowledge and understanding of what is involved in the role of a training professional.
  6. General managers and HR officers who wish to assess new approaches to the role of a training professional.


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