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Building Competencies in HRD and Professionals Advanced Training

Building Competencies in HRD and Professionals Advanced Training


Building Competencies in HRD and ProfessionalsAdvanced Training

This course is introduced to you by the International Academy of Human Resource Development(IAHRD). Our courses are designed by the best HR specialists who have a long practical experience in the field. In our academy ,the main goal is to deliver quality.  This course will increase the HR theories in intelligently designed approaches. The course will tackle topics such as the definition and objectives of HR and its objectives, the main methods to recruit a high potential HR employees, the difference between recruitment and selection, attracting candidates, mechanisms to retention employees , the performance management cycle, detecting the gaps and fulfilling the needs of the organization.As Ken Robinson said '“Human resources are like natural resources; they're often buried deep. You have to go looking for them, they're not just lying around on the surface. You have to create the circumstances where they show themselves.” 


By the end of this program, the participant will be able to:

  1. Understand and describe the value of HRM and training.
  2.  Identify the well-known objectives commonly set to achieve this purpose.
  3. Fully understand how to obtain, utilize, evaluate and retain the needed numbers and types of employees.
  4. Acknowledge the importance of the training responsibility of HR.
  5. Define and designthe job analysis and descriptions.
  6. Figure and plan for the major day-to-day activities associated with training .


Module 1:

  1. Challenges facing HR management.
  2. Definitions and objectives of HRM.
  3. The main functions of HR.
  4. What are the characteristics of an effective HRM and supervision.
  5. HR organization charts examples.

Module 2:

  1. Recruitment vs. Selection.
  2. Who are the high potential employees?
  3. How  to attract and recruit high potential employees?
  4. Types of assessment approaches.
  5. Types of interviews.
  6. The base of the selection decision.
  7. Mechanisms to enhance employee retention.

Module 3:

  1. What are the training needs?
  2. Design and delivery of training.
  3. Achieving employee growth through training and development.
  4. Evaluating effectiveness of training and development.

Module 4:

  1. The performance management cycle.
  2. The elements of the performance management cycle.
  3. The essential elements of performance management.
  4. Setting up a performance management system.

Module 5:

  1. Job evaluation systems.
  2. Elements of effective compensation/benefit programs.
  3. Compensation system.
  4. Benchmarking compensation.

Who should attend? 

  1. Professionals and Supervisors acquiring responsibility for the HR.
  2. HR officers.
  3. Personnel Generalists.
  4. Established HR professionals wishing to obtain new ideas.
  5. Newly appointed HR Professionals.
  1. Professionals, supervisors and team leaders who wish to improve their knowledge of professional HR.


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