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Utilizing Emotional Intelligence for an Effective Leadership

Utilizing Emotional Intelligence for an Effective Leadership


Utilizing Emotional Intelligence for an Effective Leadership


This course is introduced to you by the International Academy of Human Resources and Development (IAHRD). Our courses are especially designed to meet your needs, explained to you by experts with a long experience in the field.

Emotional intelligence is an extremely important trait in a leader. As a leader, being able to employ emotions as a source of power to employees to help them express their creativity and innovation is something amazing to be done. It will increase the productivity and innovation in individuals and teams enormously as well as the commitment toward each other, the leader, and the organization.


After finishing this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Develop abilities to understand emotions and how to turn them into a source of motivation to others.
  1. Respond to others emotions and behaviors with full understanding of their situation.
  2. Manage relationships and build networks.
  1. Develop better leadership skills to resolve conflicts.
  1. Enhance the performance of self and others.


Module 1:

  1. The definition of emotional intelligence.
  2. Intrapersonal skills vs. interpersonal skills.
  3. The role of emotional intelligence in developing innovative teams.
  1. Different actions and reactions in the workplace.
  2. Motivating others to increase the organizational performance.
  3. Mitigation of conflicts.

Module 2:

  1. Emotional intelligence personal competencies.
  2. Recognizing and understanding others emotions.
  3. Inspiring others and increasing their self-confidence.
  4. Managing others internal states and resources.
  5. Enhancement of teamwork.
  6. Trustworthiness for corporate transformation.

Module 3: 

  1. Encouraging creative and innovative thinking in the organization.
  2. How to manage creative individuals?
  3. The effect of effective leadership on the organization.
  4. Ending the barriers of creativity.

Module 4: 

  1. Emotional intelligence social competencies.
  2. Better communications by sending clear and convincing messages.
  3. Becoming a better listener and observer.
  4. Preparing teams for any sudden changes.
  5. Nurturing relationships
  6. Organizational synergy.
  7. Working with others towards shared goals

Who Should Attend? 

  1. Managers.
  2. Leaders.
  3. Professionals.
  4. Anyone Who Desires To Improve Their Leadership Abilities


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