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Creative Management of Office and Documents

Creative Management of Office and Documents


Creative Management of Office and Documents


This course is proudly introduced to you by the International Academy of Human Resource Development(IAHRD). Our courses are customized to match your needs in which they are designed by experts who has a long practical experience in the field.

Recording and documents management across your organization is essential to prevent breakdowns. Being able to implement related activities with a high quality is a plus for you especially if it was done creatively. This seminar will handle such related topics such as strategy and understanding key elements, concepts and set up components, process and delivery, the art of effective planning and organizing by using a computer, and effective written and spoken communication.


By the end of the program, you will: 

  1. Explore the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) strategy unified with document and records management.
  2. Understand documenting and recording lifecycle.
  3. Create an action plan to be implemented in their organization.
  4. Apply the best ways and techniques of documents and records management effective strategies.
  5. Realize the importance of defining and understanding your crucial role as a secretary or office manager.
  6. Plan, organize and prioritize effectively using a computer.
  7. Effective use of filing and archiving systems using a computer.
  8. Foster an efficient office environment.
  9. Structure processes and procedures using a computer.
  10. Better time utilization through computer literacy.


Module 1:

  1. Introduction to  documents and records management.
  2. Business case and drivers.
  3. Meeting business requirements.
  4. Management of information assets.
  5. Understanding the terminology.
  6. Practical document and records management strategies.
  7. Information governance.

Module 2:

  1. Document and records lifecycle.
  2. Capturing, storing and managing activities.
  3. Preserve and archive.
  4. Presentation and delivery.
  5. Metadata and indexing.
  6. Classification schemes.
  7. Searching and retrieving.
  8. Controls and security.
  9. Compliance to legislation, standards and regulations.

Module 3:

  1. Information auditing and creating surveys.
  2. Business case.
  3. Business classification scheme.
  4. Having an IT infrastructure.
  5. Model office and rollout.

Module 4:

  1. Successful planning.
  2. Documentation control.
  3. Organizing processes and procedures.
  4. Problem solving and decision making.
  5. Email communication and effective communication.
  6. Written and spoken communication.
  7. Making presentations.

Module 5:

  1. Office management software.
  2. Filing and classification of files.
  3. Time management by using computer.
  4. Planning for meeting management by computer.
  5. E-meetings management.
  6. Case studies and exercises.

Who should attend? 

  1. Technical Staff.
  2. Office Managers
  3. Management Assistants.
  4. Senior Secretaries.
  5. Document and Records Management Personnel.
  6. Document Management Supervisors.
  7. Solution Providers.
  8. Users Of Document and Records Management.
  9. Personnel Seeking To Enhance Their Skills.
  10. Interested candidates of graduates and undergraduates.


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